Lennox add on cooling (Air Conditioning)

If you have a warm air system, it is a relatively easy task to add air conditioning thereby offering you all year round comfort.


To add air conditioning to your system you simply need to fit a DX evaporator coil to the supply side of your warm air heater and link this to an external condensing unit. The external condensing unit supplies a refrigerant to the DX evaporator coil which removes heat from the air in the same way as a domestic refrigerator cools your food.


There are two types of DX evaporator coil used in domestic applications one for upflow systems and one for downflow.  There is also a third option which is a horizontal DX evaporator coil but this is rarely used in domestic applications in the UK although it is frequently used in commercial applications.


The external condensing unit is also available in two types, a cooling only option or a heat pump option.  We have detailed a special offer we are making with regard to using the heat pump condensing unit in conjunction with a Lennox G61MPVT warm air heater.


The Lennox TSA (Cooling option) and the TPA40 (Heat Pump option) are available in both single phase and three phase electrical supply.  In general terms the single phase unit will give a cooling duty up to 10kW, while the three phase option will give a cooling duty up to 18kW.  Both the TSA and TPA units work on R410a refrigerant.

Lennox TSA series of outdoor Condensing unit (Cooling only)
Lennox R410a Cooling Only Condensing Uni[...]
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Lennox TPA series of Heat Pump
Lennox R410a Heat Pump Condensing Units[...]
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Upflow Cooling Coils
C33 Eng Data.pdf
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Downflow Cooling Coils
CR33-Eng Data.pdf
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Horizontal Cooling Coils
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