This heater is no longer in production, please refer to Multicalor Udara for the most up to date gas fired warm air heater range.

Spare parts are available for the G61MPVT, please contact us.


The Lennox G61MPVT range of high efficiency condensing warm air heaters were introduced into the UK in 2007 but have been sold on both the USA and Australian markets since 2003.


The G61MPVT units have a heating output range of 11kW up to 35kW and can be fitted with add on air conditioning from 5kW to 18kW.  With a seasonal average efficiency of 104% (Net) 94% (Gross) the G61MPVT is considered to be among the most efficient forms of gas fired heating available in the UK.  By comparison a non condensing gas fired warm air heater are typically up to 80% (Gross).


The Lennox G61MPVT units are fully CE approved for use on both natural gas and LPG (Propane).


For guidance, the Government's own Defra boiler efficiency database considers that old boilers have seasonal efficiencies between 55% and 65%.  That means for every £1 being spent an average of 40p is going up the flue whereas with the Lennox G61MPVT series only 6pence is going up the flue as this unit recovers almost all of that wasted energy.


We are also constantly being asked to make a comparison between gas fired warm air heating and a conventional gas fired boiler/radiator system.  Firstly, with warm air heating the air is heated directly rather than heating the water to heat the air, this results in heat being available instantly whenever you need it.  Using condensing technology, more heat is extracted from the combustion process, condensing boilers are now very popular but in many cases they cannot operate in condensing mode at all times.  Depending on the radiator sizes and water temperatures in the system it is often the case that the temperature of the water returning to a boiler is too high to condense water in the combustion products and the efficiency of the boiler drops closer to that of a non condensing boiler.


With the G61MPVT, the air directly cools the heat exchanger and the temperature is such that condensing is assured under all normal operating conditions thus maximum efficiency is guaranteed whenever the heater is operating.  Full details of the Lennox G61MPVT range can be found on the following links.



Installation & Operation Manual
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G61 Sales Brochure
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