Spares for Older Generation units

As a rough guide, we list below the years of manufacture for older generation warm air units:


G6/GHR6 Production ceased 1966 

G8/G8R Production ceased 1974

G30/G30R Production ceased 1980

G11/G11R Production ceased 1989

G12/G12R Prodcution ceased 1993

G24MCE Prodcution ceased 2005


Lennox also manufactured a few ranges of Pulse combustion units, G14, G14R GSR14, G21, GSR21 all of these have now been out of production for over 20 years.


The spares available is pretty much reflected in the ages of the units, the G24MCE we would carry almost all spares for the ranges in this series, whereas those dating back to the 60's and 70's we really are struggling to find anything worthwhile. Minor items like belts and filters would be ok, but major items such as heat exchangers and gas valves would be obsolete.


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