Multicalor Air Handling Units

The Multicalor MC (Series 2004) Air-Handling Units are manufactured in Belgium and we import and supply them to the UK and Europe. They are compact high performance units, fitted with generously sized heat exchangers featuring six rows. This guarantees high air temperatures even with moderate supply water temperatures. As a result, the units are very well suited to be used in conjunction with modern condensing boilers, for an efficient and effective warm-air central heating system. These units can be used alongisde gas, lpg and oil boilers.

The fans of the MC units are installed downstream of the heat exchangers. This ensures that the fan motors are always optimally cooled and the life span of the fan bearings is increased. Special attention has been paid to the air tightness of the units, so leak losses are minimal. The heat exchanger compartment is insulated by means of a thick layer of air, so heat losses are minimal.

The apparatus is supplied ready to use. It is sufficient to install on site the hot water supply lines, the air ducts and the electrical supply.


Standard version: In standard use the apparatus is used to distribute recycled air to which not more than 25% outside air has been added, or to distribute up to 100% outside air after heat reclaim. The unit is factory supplied in this version.


Outside air version: In the outside air version the unit is used to distribute air to which more than 25% outside air is added. However, in the unit no special regulators are installed to keep the air temperature constant, nor is the heat exchanger protected from frost damage. If you want to use the unit as an outside air unit, we suggest that you:

  • Install an external regulator that keeps the minimum air temperature at a certain selectable level.
  • Protect the heat exchanger from frost related damage by means of addition of a suited anti-freeze solution to the heating circuit.

Upflow and Downflow: The Multicalor MC units are available as upflow models. If you need a downflow unit, you can simply turn around the unit and add a second minimal thermostat.


If you are looking for a replacement for the no-longer-manufactured AFOS Solo C series of air-handling heaters or Hi-Vee heaters, the Multicalor MC Series Air-Handling Units are exactly what you need.


We can supply you with these heaters - contact us now. We can supply these heaters for you, as replacements for air handling units in your old warm-air central heating system.

Downloads: To download the full manual, including technical data and dimensions for all three models, installation instructions, maintenance instructions, wiring diagram etc. please see below. The manual is a PDF file (443 KB) and you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it.




















Multicalor MC
Air handlers for heating and optional cooling
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